[Kenting|Transportation]How to arrive Kenting ?

Travel to Taiwan 國內旅遊

There is no doubt Taiwan is a great place to visit! People usually arrive in Taipei first and heading to south after. Then….. Kenting is one of popular place for tourist!

So…. let’s check out how can you arrive Kenting! Of course there are many different way, but today I am gonna to provide an expensive but comfortable way for you guys:)

Buy Ticket

You could either buy one or return on the website but there is a THSR pass for foreigners which is cheaper.

3 day pass $2200

Flexible 2 day pass – $2500

5 day standard joint pass -$2800

5 day express joint pass – $3600

Ex: It cost $1490 from Taipei to Kaohsiung therefore if you buy the return ticket and it would be around $3000.

So …… if you are foreigners !!!! Plz buy the passss:)

It’s around 1.5 hours from north to south!

If you take the bus or the train and it’s will take you at least 4hours!

When you arrive Kaohsiung HSR, please go to exit 2 to take the bus to Kenting.

Please note that there would be many taxi driver asking you if you would like to take the taxi.

The price should be around $350-400 per person, if you get the price higher than this….please think about it:)

You could buy the ticket in here.

The return ticket would be $600. It’s quite cheap. ONLY ACCEPT CASH!!!!!!!

The clerk will provide you the return ticket at once.

Timetable from Zuoying and Kenting:)

Please remember that 19:10 would be the last one!!

The bus is quite comfortable ans it take 2hours to Kenting~

If you would like to buy it online before come to Taiwan then there are other tips for you:)

1. Buy it online from fun2tw

2. Kkday – Kaohsiung to Kenting

Hope it looks easy for those who want to come to Taiwan:)

I will introduce other article about Kenting soon 🙂